About The Party Evangelist

Parties have been in my DNA since I was young. When I was twelve years old, I created simple French crepe fests for my friends. I’d make dozens of crepes and have guests bring either savory or sweet fillings. We’d eat the crepes and dream of being world travelers. Over the years, my parties grew in number and attendance.

In 2009, I was featured in SCENE, a Bay Area fashion and lifestyle magazine — the author, Julia Prodis-Sulek, nicknamed me “The Party Evangelist” because I constantly proselytized about food, wine, and party-throwing (view the full article here). After a few more years of dabbling in philanthropic events, I decided to take the plunge and start my own business as a party planner.

If you’re looking to throw a creative event for business clients, a non-profit, or other  organization, we should probably chat. Because I’m big on evangelizing the lost art of face-to-face communication — you know, the kind of social interaction where people hold canapés and conversations instead of smartphones. And the size of your budget doesn’t matter. I’ve conceived and hosted parties at every price level — from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds. In fact, I did a Cake Contest fundraiser that netted $5000 and spent less than $100 to do it. (If you want to know how, call or email me.) When not in party mode, I’m a freelance graphic designer, wife, mother of two, and author of the book, dirt & sunshine: random thoughts on the art of raising children.